MysticVerse Plans

Mystic World Lore


The Mystic World comprises six major nations with contrasting climates and cultures:

Dragonspine - a land of ice and snow.

  • The elusive Dragon Queen seeks a life of calm solitude in Mountain Lair with her dragons, she has been known to emerge and perform heroic acts in times of crisis when the world needs her.
  • Mythical Warrior resides in his Mountain Temple, where he follows a strict daily training routines as a form of physical meditation. He is occasionally willing to train those whom he deems worthy.

Celestial Empire - famous for its rich gold and silver veins.

  • The charismatic Celestial Empress rules this nation, surrounded by guards in her Imperial Mansion.
  • Her younger brother, the Divine Prince, adopts a more playful lifestyle in the Holy Palace - free from responsibility but with all the wealth of the Empire.

Mystical Duchy - feared for its prowess in magic.

  • The Mystic Witch prefers not to be disturbed whilst brewing traditional potions. But she is capable of lending arcane knowledge from The Coven's ancient archives.
  • Mystic Wizard enjoys carrying out novel magic research from Sorcerer’s Tower. There he enjoys oversight of the Duchy and communicates signals that illuminate the skies.

Lunar Enclave - a land forever enveloped in the shadow of its gigantic trees.

  • Lunar Guardian offers protection to anyone who needs it in her Astral Sanctuary where she connects with the moon spirit.
  • Solar Sentinel lives in Sunset Castle, guarding a flame which legend says came from the sun. Although the connection to the sun spirit has been lost, his followers dream of restoring it one day.

Principality of Kimavstan - mired in a civil war that has lasted for a hundred years.

  • The fierce Demon Queen channels dark spirits from a void deep within The Labyrinth.
  • The Dark Lord lives in Silent Villa which looms menacingly over the Principality - rumor says that he comes down from his Villa at night and wanders amidst unsuspecting citizens.

Republic of Aydishya - proud of their rich culture and technological advances.

  • Many of the Republics achievements are owed to the genius inventor Mystic Explorer.
  • Cosmic Adventurer also 'lives' here - he is almost always on the move exploring uncharted land, but he occasionally comes back home to report on new discoveries.


Dragonspine is at war with Celestial Empire. The Celestial Empress has always felt with only that Dragonspine is rightfully part of her nation, but the Dragon Queen answers to no-one.

The Mystical Duchy and Lunar Enclave are allies due to their strong affinity for magic.

The Demon Queen's nation is feared by everyone. Once they have crushed the civil war opposition, she will start her campaign to conquer the world.

The Republic always maintains its neutrality and instead focuses on researching and inventing new technology.

Mystic Heroes

The Mystic Goddesses summoned Mystic Heroes to bring peace to the land. You are one of these Heroes, but only you can decide which side most deserves your support.

Mystic World Game Mechanics

Getting started

  1. To join the game, a player will have to create (mint) a settlement either with SOL or with $MYSTIC. The ownership of the settlement will be proven with a corresponding NFT that can be traded on the open market. SOL is enabled temporarily to allow non-MGC holders to participate.
  2. Once minted, the player would be randomly assigned a settlement in one of the six major nations. The user-interface will change depending on the nation that the settlement joined.
  3. Each settlement will have randomized stats and resource generation potential. For example, some settlements will generate more gold, but less lumber. Others may have exclusive luxury resources like ivory or spices. This brings innate rarities to each settlement to encourage trading.
  4. The Player will then be able to assign Mystic Girl or Mystic Boy NFTs to the settlement as Chancellor and General to increase resource generation and other beneficial effects. It is possible to assign more than one chancellor, up to a max of 5, but the benefits will follow the curve of diminishing return. This encourages players to develop multiple settlements if they hold multiple Mystic Girls / Boys.
  5. Resources will be generated over time and can be used for various in-game activities.

Building your settlement

  1. Once you have a settlement, you need to make sure it runs well by sourcing new income/resources, producing buildings, and upgrading them.
  2. You will start each settlement with only one main building, where you can construct other buildings.
  3. Buildings are generally of three types:
    • Resource Producer e.g. Lumber Yard & Stone Quarry to produce Lumber & Stone
    • Unit Trainer e.g. Barracks to produce infantry, Stables to produce cavalry.
    • Modifiers e.g. Magic Tower & University to provide buffs and research tech, and Moat to provide defensive boosts
  4. Each nation will have different specialties that are exclusive to them.

Expanding your settlement

When you get started, you start off with a small settlement.

 After some upgrades, your settlement will level up to:

  1. Hamlet
  2. Village
  3. Town
  4. City
  5. Megacity
  6. Metropolis


  1. You will be able to send your armies to raid various enemies to gain fame and glory
  2. Local-level raids can be done by yourself
  3. National-level raids will be harder and will require collaboration with other settlement in the nation
  4. World-level raids will be the hardest, these force everyone to collaborate together
  5. The rewards will be scaled based on difficulties

Defending and attacking

  1. Once you have built buildings and trained troops, you can attack settlement in other nations
  2. Nations that are further away will take longer to attack
  3. While your troops are away, your settlement will be vulnerable to attack
  4. Keep your settlement well protected by building defensive structures and assigning a General to lead your armies at home

What is $MYSTIC for?

Upon game launch

  1. Create (mint) settlement
  2. Appoint MGC or MBC as Chancellor of your settlement
  3. Accelerate timed mechanics such as:
    • Building constructions 
    • Army recruitment
    • Resource generation

Future game updates

  1. Accelerate army movement
  2. Hire patrols to keep your settlement safe while away
  3. Summon Mystic Pets to compete in Mystic Pet mini-games

Upcoming utility outside of the MysticVerse game

  1. Purchase new traits for Mystic Girls and Mystic Boys
  2. Equip purchased traits
  3. Perform a Mystic Ceremony with two Mystic Girl & Mystic Boy NFTs to produce a Mystic Baby

Phases of Mystic World

Phase 1 - Launch

  • Mint a settlement and receive the NFT in your wallet
  • List settlement NFT's on marketplaces, e.g. MagicEden, OpenSea
  • View the world map, your settlement, and buildings
  • Upgrade your buildings and recruit troops
  • Accelerate waiting times with $MYSTIC
  • Assign MGC/MBC as Chancellors
  • Global leaderboard scores
    • Scores are tallied by the total resources, upgrades, and $MYSTIC spent
    • Top scorers will win special prizes

Phase 2 - PVE

  • Send your armies to raid a world boss and compete against other nations in leader-boards
  • Send your heroes/heroines on quests for artifacts and resources

Phase 3 - PVP

  • Attack other settlements with your troops
  • Form alliances with other settlements
  • Declare war against other alliances